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Sprite appearance list
« on: May 02, 2012, 02:34:37 pm »
Here's "little" list of character sprites in order of their appearance in story. Only the sprites we are missing, as of 01.05.2012.
Only noted the new chars, new outfits and such, what can be easily notes by glancing through the text. Additions (and character base suggestions) are welcome.

++: New character
>>: New pose or outfit
Green: Completed sprite or nearly so.
Yellow: Notes, including possible TODO.
Blue: Postponed indefinitely for being unessential.
Purple: We have one, but it's so ugly it needs to be redone.
Orange: The sprite is already queued to be worked on by someone, stages of completion and notes will be written on the side in a color:Not started; In progress; Done;

= ch003 =
>> Towel+Kyon's uniform coat Mikuru
"Kyon allowed, trying to keep from staring at Mikuru, now wearing his coat and a pair of towels, her face dark red."
"With a whimpering sigh, one hand clutching the coat closed across her chest, Mikuru also offered her wrist"

>> Kyon in uniform minus uniform's coat

Will be sitting here in memorial to what could have been...

= ch004 =
>> Bathrobe!Mikuru
"Looking somewhat irritable and wearing a bathrobe, Mikuru knelt at the table, mumbling about getting phone calls first."

= ch005(.5) =
++ Sakanaka may need retouches in the future

>> Kyon, cut cheek effect
"A faint line of blood trickled down one cheek"

= ch006 =
++ Ryuguu Ryo, delinqent ordinarie.
No data, other than he's pretty big guy.
Candidacy (selected): Tatsumi Oga, from Beelzebeb
Onizuka, JoJo. Any male student sprite, then bleach the hair.

>> Ryuguu Ryo, damaged
"taller third year boy approached her, tape across his nose and a bruise marring his face deeply around one eye."

>> Kyon, bandaged cut effect

++ Manabe Satoshi, first-year photo ring foreman. May need some retouches to the expression. He's too cool.
"The other one was a taller, thin first year with blond hair."
Will have another scene.
(Selected)  Hirotsugu Ennokouji (Haru Koi Otome ~ Otome no Sono de Gokigenyou)
Keiichi Shimizu (La Corda d'Oro: Primo Passo)

++ Kimidori Emiri Hair missing highlights

++ Student Council Pretzel needs more expressions
Reference: http://haruhi.wikia.com/wiki/Student_Council_President

= ch007 =
++ Akane, Kyon's mother lineart:untier color:Agasa expressions:Agasa
No data. Candidacy:
Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Akane Tendo, from Ranma 0.5
Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor from ToAru

++ Brute, yakuza doorkeeper Possibly covered by 07th exp. spriteset
"The man behind the door was a bit shorter than him, but stocky, with the build of a practiced fighter and numerous small scars across his face. He was wearing a brightly colored cherry-red suit with a lime green tie and a loud blue shirt -- a screaming advertisement of his Yakuza status."
One-shot. But fight. But one-shot...
Candidate: Gonzou Asai

>> Tsuruya, casual, serious Already in repository! May need clothes retouch.
"wearing a skirt and blouse"

>> Manabe Satoshi, casual

++ Wananabe Daiichi, top Sumiyoshi-rengo Fujiya-tachi enforcer lineart:untier color:Agasa expressions:Agasa
"a thirtish looking Yakuza in proud color, much more understated white and powder blue."
Candidacy: Gouzaburou Seto, from Seto no Hanayome

++ Scar, yakuza thug Possibly covered by 07th exp. spriteset
"for the giant jagged silver streak that ran vertically across his face and through one eye,"

++ Hat, yakuza thug Possibly covered by 07th exp. spriteset
"and Hat, for the fedora he angled low over his eyes"

>> Watanabe, puffing a sigar

>> Kyon, damaged2
"When his eyes tried lazily to open, only one of them did. A wad of cloth or something was pressing on his right eye"

++ Sakura-san, private doctor of Tsuruyas lineart:untier color:Agasa expressions:Agasa
"an unfamiliar middle-aged man with rolled up sleeves and surgical gloves"
Reused at hospital later?

++ Shinobu, the (ninja) maid of Tsuruyas.
Should have a description somewhere down the text, or anime shot probably. If not, Candidacy: Shinobu Tsukimura from Triangle Hearts 3 / MGLN (or, even better, their maid), Sayoko Shinozaki from Code Geass.

>> Towel!Kyon

>> Bathing!Tsuruya, back

>> Towel!Tsuruya

>> Full!Frontal!Tsuruya, back; Full!Frontal!Tsuruya, front,
With Modesty Rays / Steam, of course. Godiva Hair doesn't seems to be in her style...

= ch008 =
>> Pajamikuru.

>> NightRobe! Kyon, NightRobe Tsuruya
"He was wearing a light robe, one that matched Tsuruya's ...  She slept with her hair done up in a pair of buns on either side of her head, probably so she wouldn't pull her hair when she shifted about."

= ch009 =
++ Yuuto, Kyon's father lineart:untier color:Agasa expressions:Agasa
"tired salaryman"
Candidacy: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25454046/Yuuto.png.  "Alternatively, one of the Umineko dad's could work here"
Daigo-sensei, from ToAru

>> Suit!Kyon
Dark blue suit, tie, all the stuff

>> Formal!Tsuruya No bun, maybe later.
"He spotted her quickly, standing on the path between the driveway and the house wearing a very elaborate kimono, her hair done up in an intricate bun."

++ (Kenshiro) Tsuruya-sama, patriarch of a House of the Crane, head of Tsuruya branch of chivalrous Yamaguchi-gumi base:Agasa clothes:Agasa expressions:Agasa
"The Tsuruya family patriarch was as tall as Kyon while sitting cross-legged on a thin cushion atop the dais, sporting neatly groomed short green hair -- identical in shade to the girl's, while his amused, knowing smirk betrayed an identical fang as well. Despite the fact that every other man was wearing a suit in the room, the patriarch managed to make all of the others look under-dressed, wearing only a green robe, less formal than the girl's, with the family crest patterned all across it.
Moreover, he had one arm free of the robe, baring half his chest and revealing the complex and detailed tattoos adorning him. Kyon tried not to gawk; it must have taken real courage and quite some time to have the vivid image of a fierce crane fishing a dragon from the heavens tattooed. It looked so lifelike, he practically expected it to leap off the man with one flexed muscle."
Candidacy: Kenshirou, from Fist of the Northern Star
King of God tribe, from Shuffle!
Largo the Black Lion, from Tales of the Abyss
ZeRider, from Fate/Zero

= ch010 =
++ First year boy, a first year boy.
Running gag so will be in a number of scenes

>> Kyon, sinister grin

>> Tsuruya, sinister grin

>> Kyon, bad boy look.
"Haruhi stared while Tsuruya gave him an appraising look, then mussed his hair, loosened his tie, and untucked his shirt."
"Hands in your pants pockets," she instructed him. "Shoulders back, head down, don't smile unless you're menacing someone."

++ Daimonji-kun, third-year photo collector.
No data. One-shot

++ Yanagimoto Ai, Haruhi's That Second Girl (to be)
http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k613/SpecularReflection/shny/yanagimoto4.png (eyes to the lower right corner, gentlemen!)

= ch011 =

>> Tsuruya, school, damaged
"Tsuruya's right hand was slashed and bleeding from the shattered windowpane. Her left shirt sleeve over her wrist, where Kyon had grabbed her, was bloodied with a large and expanding stain. "

>> Asakura Ryoko poster
"A familiar girl that she remembered seeing a long time ago.... She was looking over her shoulder, laughing about something as she undid the zipper on the side of her skirt, her long blue hair fanned out behind her."
Good stuff here

++ Tanaka and Hoshino, Organization's (Agents) undercover (as) teachers
"Tanaka was a shortish male with plain features in his thirties, and Hoshino was a tallish woman with sharp features in her forties."

++ Tamaru bros, Organization's (Agents) undercover (as) cops
"pair of police officers in standard dress."
Candidacy: Mario & Luigi :P

++ Computer Club pres

+? Unnamed teacher
Tanaka? Hoshino?

= ch012 =

>> Almost!DelinKyon
gakuran pants, undershirt, but no shirt and Kyon's normal head.
As for gakuran outfit itself, "Within was a complete uniform for a school he didn't recognize. ... but the unwrapped outfit was the more classic and traditional military-themed gakuran uniform. It looked very like the one he had seen on Koizumi in that alternate world...."
"thick, heavy shirt with bulky metal buttons."
Candidacies, Group picture
Good stuff here, under the spoiler

>> Risqué'er Yuki
"He'd gotten his wish, and ended up with a glance of Yuki wearing nothing more visible to him than a skirt and simple white bra before she finished pulling the blouse on with mechanical precision."

>> Tsuruya, changing into a Kogal
"Tsuruya had put her hair up into a bun, and was currently wearing the matching sailor uniform to the outfit Kyon hadn't finished putting on yet. ... She had tugged the uniform's collar very loose, and rolled up the sleeves."

>> "Shirahama Kenichi", DelinKyon
Full gakuran grab and "His hair had been slicked back, only to break into a number of sharp-looking spikes."
"He eventually decided to leave it completely unbuttoned, and the shirt beneath un-tucked."
"A boy with his hair spiked back"

>> Kogal!Tsuruya
Matching seifuku, tan, lotsa makeup: "lipstick, eyeliner, and a pair of dangling clip-on earrings."
"a ditsy bubble-gum chewing kogal"

>> Almost!Delinquent!Yuki
Gakuranform's matching sailor fuku.

>> Delinquent!Yuki
seifuku, and "the traditional cadet's cap to go with a uniform like his own, black cloth with a short, hard bill. ... <positioned> Low, shadowing her eyes a little bit."
"and one of those small, sullen, quiet types who was probably good with unpleasant weapons, wearing a boy's uniform hat."

>> Moelinquent!Yuki.
Same as above, but with cap put way back, so it almost falls off

++ Maruyama Iyouji, accountant of Fujiya branch of Sumiyoshi-rengo
Will have quite a number of scenes

++ Fujiya Masao, boss of the Fujiya-tachi of Sumiyoshi-rengo
No data. Candidacy:
(Selected)Gonzou Azai, from The Devil on G-String

Multi mooks for Melee intro
Brute and Scar make a comeback here

>> F.Masao, "with a pair of katana over his shoulders."

>> Bathing!Yuki

= ch013 =
>> Tsuruya-sama, suited
"allowing the tallest, largest man that Kyon's sister had ever seen in real life to emerge. His hair was green, not quite unruly, but tousled. He wore an immaculate dark blue suit, with a shiny pin on one lapel. She couldn't make out the detail, but she was willing to bet it was identical to the pin on Kyon's collar."

++ Kasai, loyal bodyguard of Tsuruya-hime; damaged
"a man almost as large as the fellow she guessed was Tsuruya's father painfully got out. He had a pin, too;"
"He moved stiffly, his suit almost, but not quite as fine as Tsuruya's father's. One arm was in a cast, and he had a crutch beneath the other."
Candidacy: Tatsuyoshi Kasai, from HnNKN

++ Aida, trusted aide of Tsuruya-sama
"one of the men at his side, in a brown suit."

++ Miyoko-chan, that one 'date' of Kyon, way back then.
"She looked as physically mature as Kanae or Yuki, and most of the time she acted as mature as well, despite the fact that she and his sister were the same age. Dressed in the knee-length skirt, smart blouse, and with her dark hair styled more carefully than his sister usually bothered to"
Candidacy: Kanon, The Devil on G-String (selected)

= ch014 =

= ch015 =
+? Mitsuki, classmate of Kanae
No Data, beyond "genial and friendly", "holding pink envelope with heart-shaped stickers on it"
One scene

++ !CG? Mikuru-chan's photo
"A picture of Mikuru wearing practically nothing, her face timidly smiling, marked with an intense blush as she winked at the camera. She was laying on her side on a futon somewhere, propped up on one elbow, leaning forward. A man could get lost in that view, he thought, rounded globes barely contained in semitransparent strawberry pink patterned--"

++ !CG?! Tsu-chan's photo
"Tsuruya was unabashed as always, and even though he'd actually seen _more_ of her in a bath.... Sitting upright on the same futon as in Mikuru's photo, also winking, but without a trace of shyness as she gave the camera a victory sign. Her assets weren't as bountiful as Mikuru's, but she was still amazingly shapely. Concealed in a blueberry colored lingerie set not that different from Mikuru's... Moreover, with her hair in a fan behind her, her paler skin was brought into sharp relief, highlighting her shapely legs--"

++ Keiichi [classified], many years later.
"Keiichi was a lean man of very slightly taller than average height with brown hair that wasn't quite shaggy or unkempt, but he took no obvious care to style or comb it. Kyon didn't spend a lot of time cataloging the features of other men, but wouldn't really call him handsome -- or ugly -- merely decent looking. Still, he had a natural, eternally pleased grin, and Kyon couldn't remember a time he'd seen the man look worried, upset, or serious about things. Even despite that, and his typically lackadaisical attitude he seemed responsible. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a worn but obviously cared for red vest, despite how cold the spring was so far north."
Maybe reuse Papa Maebara?

++ Rika Fuurude, many years later
"Rika, her dark blue hair swaying behind her to the small of her back. Neatly trimmed bangs reminded him uncomfortably of Asakura Ryouko, their hairstyles and colors were so similar. Rika's eyes, though, were purple, and her smile felt more genuine than anything he had ever received from the interface that had tried to kill him with a knife on more than one terrifying occasion. He also wasn't in the habit of looking at his aunt in the same way as a girl his own age, but she was somewhat taller, with elegant fingers and a certain grace that he'd never really seen matched. She at least wore a light sweater over her sun dress in concession to the chill."
Bern :^P.

++ Hanyuu,
(click to show/hide)
Still the same.

++ Shutaro, son of Rika, bathing
"providing another eerily symmetrical flash to the past <meaning, similar to his father>, save that his hair was neater, and a dusty blue color"

>> Shutaro, casual

++ Matsuri-chan, daughter of Rika, casual
"purple-haired girl", "looking almost identical to what Kyon could remember of Rika's childhood pictures"
Candidacy: Rika-chan as a kid.

= ch016 =
++ Rena Ryuguu, many years later
"unfamiliar woman with brown hair who reminded Haruhi of a less curvy yet older Mikuru with shorter hair"

++ Mion Sonozaki, many years later
Maybe base off Akane Sonozaki?

++ Satoko Houjo, n-ty something years later
'Aunt' Satoko was an attractive blonde woman
LD :^P. Takano :^P x2

>> Rena, "taking it home" mode
"Rena's hands balled into fists beneath her chin. "No~!" she wailed, her eyes watery"

++ Naota, son of Mion
Green-gaired little version of his father

++ Makoto, daughter of Mion
Think of her mother in childhood
Candidacy: Harusame or Otoha!

>> Haruhi, in the rain

>> Kyon, domestic mode
"the sight of him wearing jeans, a sturdy-looking solid blue long-sleeved shirt, and a very durable (but obviously also worn) apron with a bright red letter 'K' sewn onto it..."

= ch017 =
++ Yoko-chan and Azusa-chan, daughters of Satoshi and Shion
a duo of light green-haired little girls
Think of their mother in childhood

++ Yurie-chan, daughter of Rena
brown-haired girl.
Think of her mother in childhood

++ Aiko-chan, daughter of Satoko
(light???) dark-blonde haired girl.
Think of her mother in childhood

>> Matsuri-chan, after bath
dressed in loose fitting pajamas, and with her hair still dripping

>> rest of the kids, too (in pajamas)

>> Haruhi, in Kyon's PJ
"pulling at the pants legs of his pajamas. He glanced at her, strangely very cute in his too-large clothes."

++ Shion Sonozaki
++Satoshi Houjou, many years later

++ Hinamizawa gang, rough morning

++ Kasai Sr, Sonozaki bodyguard
"an almost identical, but much older man."

>> Keiichi, formal
Suit, most likely

>> Mion, formal
Kimono, most likely

= ch018 =
>>Mikuru-chan, casual2
"She had a fashionable green dress on, and didn't seem to have anything more futuristic than a sleek, classy wristwatch."

++ !CG? domestiKyon, photo
"picture of Kyon with all his cousins either clinging to him or surrounding him.  But, in the picture, he looked so incredibly _domestic_. He was wearing an apron!"

= ch025 =
++Suou Kuyou



= ch041 =
++Achakura! Working on the other poses.
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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2012, 03:28:50 pm »

Glad we're releasing the first part now. Looks like it's going to get harder from here on out.

Maybe we can get more art-hands on deck.


Potential sprite for Akane (Or at least, the base for one.) http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120123222022/umineko/images/thumb/2/29/Nat_a11_default_1.png/200px-Nat_a11_default_1.png

Potential base sprite for Yuuto http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y25/Orbould/cgny10.jpg (Alternatively, one of the Umineko dad's could work here.)

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2012, 01:33:13 pm »
Thanks for candidacies, Oroboro. I am adding them to the list.
And everyone, feel free to post your suggestions for bases as well!

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2012, 12:25:14 am »
I must confess that I tend to be influenced more by the impression a character left on me than and their effective visual cues or composition, so I'm not sure whether any suggestion from me is a good idea or not:
(click to show/hide)

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2012, 03:55:33 am »
This is probably just me, but when I think about Kenshiro I tend to picture Junichiro Koizumi (no relation to Itsuki), but with green hair. He has a commanding but respectable presence.


To be a little more useful, perhaps. I found some formal-type Tsuruya-san pictures. Didn't find any with her hair in buns, but still:
1: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/51a9bb1af0ea0796523fb83bcf337816.jpg
2: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/13d5f3c4807d77675ca314ee5c361292.jpg

Tsuruya with a sinister grin (sorta?):

>> Asakura Ryoko poster
"A familiar girl that she remembered seeing a long time ago.... She was looking over her shoulder, laughing about something as she undid the zipper on the side of her skirt, her long blue hair fanned out behind her."

If anyone has anything that would match this description, it's me. Perhaps not something exactly like that, but some things that come close. I think it should go without saying that some most of these are mildly NSFW. Alright, here's some images, with justifications.

1: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/rak341.jpg This seems like it might be close to what you're looking for, but she might be "too dressed" considering. Also, she's looking at the camera.
2: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/3blue.jpg Probably the closest I actually found to what you might want. Angle would imply that it's being taken covertly, and it's almost the right state of undress. Facial expression is all wrong though: anger/embarrassment.
3: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/ahokura4.jpg The last panel might be what the picture would look like if it were a frontal shot.
4: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/asakuraryouko.jpg Seems like the right pose, but again, face is wrong, and the knife too, I suppose.
5: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/04qq.jpg Again, if captured from the front. She's looking at the camera with a neutral expression though.
6: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/g_asakura24.jpg I know she's not taking off her skirt, but I'd argue that this picture probably has the "mood" that the image would be trying to establish, if nothing else.
7: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z261/grahf616/brbr53syaf7bl1.jpg Probably the right state of undress, but wrong on about every other account.
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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2012, 06:43:50 pm »
Added updates for Ryo, Sakanaka, and various little Kyon accessories.

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2012, 11:35:12 am »
Updated list with suggestions and updated up to ch014. That should cover next two releases.

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2012, 01:35:21 am »
++ Kimidori Emiri,

++ Student Concuil Pres
We already have him in the Tomadoi sprites.

Wait a minute. No, we didn't get the Student Council President from Tomadoi.

= ch011 =

++ Computer Club pres
We got the Computer Club President from Tomadoi.

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #8 on: June 04, 2012, 01:49:22 am »
Herpderp. I meant the computer club pres, just wasn't quite paying attention when I edited the post. Fixed now. XD

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #9 on: July 11, 2012, 01:27:06 pm »
Updated the list to include the all of Hinamizawa arc.
Wow, that gets pretty big... Maybe will spoiler everything by chapters in the future.
Also, we need to sticky this thread. Maybe along with "Special Thanks tracking thread" and all that "Wanted"s

>> Tsuruya, casual, serious - Already in repository! May need clothes retouch.
Serious as "sneaking onto enemy base" kinda not working very well with her existing poses in my mind. Well, maybe that "Laugh" pose...

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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #10 on: July 11, 2012, 04:51:15 pm »
Agreed, Tsu-chan poses are a pain. That's why i just made a "relaxed" pose (and i already used it as a base for the kimono) - something she sorely lacked. Thanks a lot for your collection work.

Considering it's Hinamizawa, and it's Ninkyo Dantai, i'm almost convinced that Formal!Kei wears a male kimono - something dark blue, or pale brown. Mrf, maybe i'll breach protocol and ask Kuyou-sama on this.

Also, stickied for your and our collective enjoyment.
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Re: Sprite appearance list
« Reply #11 on: September 23, 2012, 03:40:20 pm »
>> Kyon, sinister grin

>> Tsuruya, sinister grin

I used https://github.com/alethiophile/KBDH-VN/blob/master/game/Sprites/Kyon/KyonEvil1.png and https://github.com/alethiophile/KBDH-VN/blob/master/game/Sprites/Tsuruya/TsuruyaGrin6.png for now for those sprites. The Tsuruya one could be a bit better but I think those work.