Which bath is best for Tsuruya's home?

The First, it's Greener!
1 (9.1%)
The Second, it's disgustingly Rich-looking!
1 (9.1%)
The Third, it's Grahf!
0 (0%)
The Fourth, it's an Onsen as in the text!
2 (18.2%)
The Fifth, it has Massive Boulders!
5 (45.5%)
The Sixth, it's Classy and traditional!
2 (18.2%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Author Topic: BG for Tsuruya's bathroom, which one?  (Read 5077 times)

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Re: BG for Tsuruya's bathroom, which one?
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2012, 12:19:53 am »
I like the classy and traditional look of six, but after reading some of the posts, I guess number four seems to fit better, although it's outdoors, when it should be indoors.
I second this.

I wonder if it's possible to "fictionalize" a real location into a BG suitable for the VN. Hotels and such usually advertise their facilities with photographs and 温泉 (onsen) and 温泉宿 (hot-spring hotel) sound like good keywords for starters.

IINM, there is another bath scene during the Fanservice arc (Fuurude's house). Maybe one of the rejected BGs could go there.

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Re: BG for Tsuruya's bathroom, which one?
« Reply #16 on: May 24, 2012, 12:37:02 pm »
I still think images №№34-37 of this gallery would be easier to roof over.

Here's day version of it (click to get the full size):
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