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Todo list for B6
« on: April 12, 2018, 11:25:50 am »
Current Todos

Long Term/Whenever

1. NPCs, of course. - Ongoing. Minor NPCs as needed and time permits.
42. Long term: More spells and more domain spells. War, Knowledge, Fate. Cor's doing Hope.
47. Lagann's spell list.
49. Old character bios.
61. New spells for Emily and refine her current selections.
74. B1 logs. A long project most likely.
83. More epic healer spells.
133. Write up some epic magic item rules for item familiars.
143. Import a few more NPCs.
148. Epic Pious Templar spell progression list.
156. Decide on army rules as needed.
157. Timeline.
161. Write up some stuff madalani related.
163. Ianvasah custom spells.

Medium Term/When Time Permits

172. Possibly convert Zaaman Rul's NPC post to B6 houserules standard, skills, domain.
175. Audit 10th+ level spells for damage/effects and get some damage guidelines. 10th level done.
178. Find that Profession (General) ruling about games. I know I made one.
182. Seira uncursing/legend loring combo post.

Short Term/Get Done

169. Check divine gift rules, get back to Cor. - Halfway, just need to talk to Cor again. Hint hint if you see this before I talk to you, Cor.
190. Army rules.
192. Iddy crown.

Daily/Routine Maintence

1. Check loot.
2. Check nagging.
3. Check downtime/away.
4. Check nodes.

Finished Entries

2. Cresiel domain spell(s).
3. Money discussion. Done, pretty straightforward so far.
4. Item discussion. Done more or less.
5. Planar current events. 3/5 done, moving to individual ones below.
6. Add description for Antenora's boots of the battle charger. Done. Nothing remarkable here.
7. Change Antenora's white dress to a robe slot item. Done, simple change.
8. Check in that opal involbiliwhatever spell and see if it's usable for Antenora. Done and added as one of her 7th level spells memorized.
9. Run through Donald's spells known and spells per day from scratch. - Done. They weren't wrong, just done oddly. Adjusted, aiming for 10 or more of each spell level.
10. Marshal aura feat for Cor. - Done as expected.
11. SDA about battle magic for Cor. Done. May mulligan as needed but done.
12. Epic alchemy for Sanzha. Done. Came out decently.
14. Investigate a blowback power for Dana. (Preferably swift action.) Done. It's in spell collection, 5th level.
15. Write an article or two on how PC divinity is handled (prayers, information flow, ect). Done. I may do more but I feel I've covered what needs to be covered as of this moment. Subject to change.
16. Lagann stuff. Done. Whew.
17. Faster spellcraft item identification epic skill usage. Done, was already there.
18. Plant domain granted power for Syala. Done. A bit of a placeholder, but it's exceedingly low priority.
19. Donald's level 30 feat. Whoops. Done. Epic toughness carries the day.
20. Iddy ring of counterspells upgrade. Done. 20k in the end.
21. Add houserule for bonus spells for epic dragon disciple. Done. It's 1/level from 11 on.
22. Review Amaryl's feats, see if she can rework them. Decide if split ray is worth keeping, too. Done. Seira did it for me.
23. Review Amaryl's spells. Done. Mostly a question of battle testing them now.
24. Antenora custom spells.
25. Work out the Hell Striker thing on my end.
26. Bring over the Sylican custom material from that writeup in homebrew and expand some, make a Sylica accessories post. Done.
27. Read Alyssa's background and see if I need anything more from it. Done.
28. Epic fist of raziel, sacred exorcist and knight of the raven, as needed.
29. Golden Mind edit and add.
30. Add Elle's custom spell to spell collection.
31. Move Elle's spells over to the appropriate thread.
33. Pathfinder skills for NPCs.
35. Moore custom spells in nagging.
36. Latha domain spells, too. Done for now, more later.
37. Last part of Fall of Bel.
38. Alyssa current events round up.
39. Tryll current events round up.
40. Add concentration to spell blocks. Done. Unremarkable.
41. Make a list of epic domain spells. Done, glad to have it.
43. Talk about divine realms/chance to update/ect. Done.
45. Cauldron elemental stuff as well as possibly notables.
50. Xandra's final advanced learning spell. Done. Wind Wall.
51. Move Epic Spell Focus (Good) to epic topic.
53. Waukeen's support.
55. Move Miranda's epic feat to epic feats topic.
58. Energy Stun for Dana.
48.,101729.msg1094400.html#msg1094400 Move that to R&S. - Finished.
57. Proxy Ebony.
46. Emily.
62. Check Emily's shield for ACF and tweak if needed. Done. Good catch, Cor, I just gave it no ASF. Entirely reasonable in epic.
54. Cross-post Empress Sulia here and finish up her spells at last or rebuild her a bit.
64. Add dagger to Cresiel's sheet. Done. It's a nice option.
44. Spell stowaway + wish/miracle spell failure chance ruling. Done. Ruled it applies but you can choose not to stowaway it if you want.
69. Bring over Jarem's custom feat and spell. Done.
70. Syala avatar. That's a legitimate oversight, whoops. Done, unremarkable. Go go go Syala 2.0.
65. Spell todos from page 42 of nagging.
60. Alphabetize Emily's spells.
66. Port over Sulia's custom spells. Done. How'd I miss them before?
67. Focus Jarem's spells. Done. Just a few tweaks but it helps. More on this later.
63. Move over epic crusader feats to the epic topic. Done. Unremarkable.'
68. Possibly retrain the spring attack line for him, it's nice but ultimately a luxury. Done. Keeping them for now, review this on level up.
56. Polish up Donald's proxy sheet. Done.
72. List of common spells in spoiler block format for easier spoiler block creation. Done for now.'
76. Epic pious templar spell list. Done. They get the paladin or blackguard list, depending on alignment.
80. Retrain improved flight for Antenora. Done. Divine Might.
81. Recalc Amaryl's movement speed, put 270 for fly but that may be wrong. Done. It's right.
34. Xera. DONE.
77. Clean up Jetina and spells for her. - Done, understanding it's getting folded into more epic healer spells.
78. Post epic healer. Done, unremarkable.
73. Custom Jarem spells for non epic slots. Done, got 4 spells out of it.
82. Pyroclastic Grasp for Donald.
32. Custom Elle spells. Done, more over time but the main thrust is accomplished.
71.,104100.msg1113743.html#msg1113743 Spells here.
87. Remove extra periods from Gathgorian's fireball. Done. It's nice having the occasional easy one.
85. Add deceptive bolt to Elle's spell list. Done. Should be fun.
79. Antenora and Amaryl int score checks and possibly a skill addon as needed. Done.
90. Remove periods in summon solar.
92. Run down Emily's attack rolls and make sure Knowledge Devotion is added. Done. Needed, booster her, I approve.
89. Node checks at level up, just make sure everything there's in place. Done. No problems.
91. Find and fix that one spell that phrases it as 'negative spells', clarify. Done.
86. Fix deceptive bolt being in the wrong spell level (10 vs 11). Done. Progress.
94. Customized spoiler blocks for everyone. Done. Wasn't working out. May try again later.
88. Check each node's spell topic and get them in order. Done. Good upkeep.
93. Tryll level ups. I just haven't felt like a few more levels the past few days. At worst over the weekend.
98. Fix Miranda's subrscript spell formatting. Done and done.
95. 14+ level healer magic in summaries. Done. Not much but hey, it helps.
96. Add the presip's to Jetina's healer spell list. Done.
103. Clarify and add to free stand epic skill usage for Tumble. Done. Just needed to note it was from prone for clarity.
101. Fix typos in miracle of health. Done.
97. Benyen. He took time but I'm happy with trying incarnum.
99. Fix extra periods in level 5-6ish paladin spells. Done.
100. Add Barachiel's Smite to Jetina's Pious Templar casting after current adventure. Done.
104. Fix the artifact and deity part of magic disjunction. Done.
102. Add loot to Tryll's group from loot. The money from Langersun. Done.
112. Check Syala's skills ot make sure the skill bonus for DvR2 is added in properly. Done. They were one off, need to make a DvR gain flowchart for everyone.
111. Dagger of Korva and Ring of Defense from Moore loot. Done.
115. DvR increase flowchart for easy reference. Done. Should be helpful.
113. Finish Seira's expanded spoiler blocks. Week hasn't quite cooperated there, but they're mostly done. Done.
108. Sulia and Syala +1 DvR. Syala down, Sulia to go. Done.
84. Move epic healer spells to somewhere else. Done via updates to the spell collection.
109. Finish spell topic summaries. DONE. Woof.
117. Convert Oberuth's skills to B6 standard. Done. Juggly.
116. Add DvR0 to Elle from proxy status. Done. Progress.
106. That space compression spell for Eb. Done. Provisional but it's gameplay that will further refine it.
110. Update Syala avatar for level 31. Done. Unremarkable.
59. Tidy up epic spell lists. Done with the spell topic reorganization and expansion. Whew.
114. List useful epic skill usages for NPCs. Done. Did the homework on my end.
52. SECRET DM POST Bwahahhahaha.
107. Amaryl avatar for future reference.
126. Add searing blast bracers to Elle. Done.
125. Fix a few typos in the Divine FAQ. Done. I have a feeling I missed one, but I'll deal with that next time I notice it.
124. Add 3/day Seira's Draconic Visage to Kascha's SLAs. Done.
119. Imix spells to the spell collection. - Done.
118. Adjust Elle's spells from Int 37 to Int 41. - Done.
129. That Iddy spell in nagging. - Done.
127. Twin spell for Elle and bonus spells for Donald. - Done. Whew.
132. Move that Iddy spell to the spell collection. Done.
120. Beezlebub accessories to various places like feats and so on. Done. Progress.
122.,101729.msg1087417.html#msg1087417 Add to the Spell Collection. Done, more magic is good.
130. Move Naeys's Mind Theater to Spell Collection. Done.
134. Vampiric Assault into spell collection. Done.
121. Seira food barrel thing in loot. Done.
136. Move Syala spell to spell collection. Done!
123. Finish Spell Booster. - Yaaay, finished!
139. Amaryl loot. - Done.
135. Ianvasah spoiler block. - Done.
138. Move Humble Words. - Done.
140. Add Cresiel's Valiant stand to Cresiel's spells memorized. - Done.
131. Add corrupt spells list to spell collection. - Done.
152. Donald's slashing flurry feat added to his spoiler block.
151. Fix knowledge/research in Wyrm Wizard. Meant to do this awhile.
153. Adjust Latha's metamagic costs for improved metamagic as well as her spells. This will take some adjustments.
13. Review Sanzha's spells in depth. - Won't be done until she's had some gameplay, I think. So consider this one punted. DONE.
155. Master of Missiles feats to epic feats. Done.
154. Spells from nagging.
162. Cor stuff in nagging. Done.
160. Move madalani feats over to epic feats. Telekinetic master, too.
158. Iddy's PM about that PrC. Finished.
137.,101729.msg1072573/topicseen.html#msg1072573 Timeline workup.
142. Ebony level up.
141. Add collected Spell Booster spells to homebrew.
164. Moore loot for Kaja and Cresiel.
147. Update character build charts.
149. Jetina 9th level paladin spell for pious templar.
128. That spell from Chan to Seira.
145. Chronomancy stuff as needed.
144. New spoiler blocks for misc NPCs.
105. Work out how epic magic + artifact works longform for PC clarity. Probably a small article.
146. Level ups. Current, only Tryll left. DONE.
150. Update spoiler blocks once all levels are done. All but Tryll.
166. Ranbar stuff in nodes. Done.
165. Add music domain to deities as needed. Done, added to Lliira.
159. Alyssa's Quickshift + Shrink Weapon. Done.
167. Houserule intensify spell. Done.
75. Something better for epic warmage's spell access. - In progress. Done.
168. Zaaman Rul DvR4. Done.
173. Eb and Iddy in loot, just clear that out. Done.
171. Asgeroth's spells + Cor's spells, both the long delayed 2 and the recent back and forth. Done.
176. Epic skill usage to track planar traveling via plane shift, probably spellcraft? Survival? Figure out. Done.
170. Elemental harmony template. Finished.
179. Field of Blades spell.
180. Legend Lore results for Seira. Done. Was amusing.
174. Realm updates. Done.
177. Cauldron's Hearth spell, almost got lost in the shuffle. Let's not let that happen. In revisions, it's been a tough one to get just so. Done.
186. Fix typo in divine rules about 1 custom SDA per divine rank, stupid typo. Done.
183. Iddy loot for that armor sale. Complete.
184. Antenora DvR1. Complete.
185. Iddy loot buying as well. Done for now since jewels.
191. Cor PM. On a glance it looks interesting but it will take some brain cycles. Done.
189. Seira spoiler blocks, get done next.
188. Check/improve divine shield.
181. Iddy spell adjustments for party, see nagging. Done.
187. Seira template in nagging. Done.
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